Does Killing Someone Have Any Morality Behind It? Essay

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Does Killing Someone Have Any Morality Behind It?
Have you ever wondered what the underlying causes of police brutality are? Pondered over the thought of why law enforcement has swayed so far from their traditional duties? I’ve wondered all of these, especially in the case between Michael Slager and Walter Scott. In this case, Scott was pulled over by Slager for having a broken brake light. Suddenly, a routine encounter escalated very quickly. Scott tried to take the officer’s stun gun and started running, he was then shot by Slager 8 times. In my opinion, police officers seem to be diverging from their once well renowned and trusted motto: “to protect and serve”. Many assumptions have come up and sparked both verbal and physical rioting. Among these I am inclined to hold the following responsible for this incident; racism, police training and I would say policing itself.
The biggest and probably most popular and controversial subject is racism. The dictionary definition of racism is “hatred or intolerance of another race or other races”. I couldn’t agree more with this definition. It’s as if you could list some of these cases as examples of racism in a dictionary. I think it’s bewildering how we as humans can be so ignorant for letting our bias of another race influence our decisions and views, even when in a professional line of work. This discrimination shouldn’t be tolerated or practiced by anyone, much less by law enforcement. In some cases like this, a cop’s personal…

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