Does Gun Control Work? Essay

1612 Words Apr 5th, 2015 7 Pages
Jason Zhang
Ms. Weber
English 11 Per. 4
April 6, 2015
Does Gun Control Work? Do strict gun laws create safer communities? Guns in the U.S. have been a problem for a long time. There are currently debates on whether guns should be restricted or banned in the United States. Gun control laws are unnecessary and only affect the law-abiding citizens, which in return tell us that gun restrictions don’t help with the prevention of death and only causes more harm than good. So, what is gun control and how is legislature trying to get rid of them? Well, gun control is the restriction of certain guns and the strict laws placed on guns. After the American Revolution and the approval of the Bill of Rights, the Second Amendment right enabled Americans to legally to carry a firearm after proper background checks and clearances. As legislature begin to create strict laws like the banning of high capacity magazines, gun owners are starting to feel more restricted to the different gun they are allowed to use. This restriction can create conflict between the criminals that want to do harm and the honest citizens who just want to protect themselves and the people around them. With the large amount of gun laws being created and the laws already in place, crime is still present and isn’t showing any progress of slowing down. According to John R Lott, after the banning of handguns in the U.K. in 1997 “the homicide rate slowly climbed from 11 per million people to 18.” He also stated that…

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