Does Gun Control Work Or Is The Wrong Issue Being Addressed? Essay examples

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Does gun control work or is the wrong issue being addressed? Gun control has been long criticized by both sides and its effect on people. With recent events causing tragedy and sadness, violent acts and massacres caused by guns have raised the issue of gun control. This topic is so controversial, it’s difficult to decide what the best plan of action is. Many nations have implemented gun control, but many of these nations were nation ruled under dictatorship. The Soviet Union, North Korea, China, and countless more. All these nations that have stripped the rights of the people. More importantly the right to protect yourself from a tyrannical government. Little by little rights are stripped and when people want to rise and start a revolt for a better change; their own government kills them to have total control of the country and its people.
Many people believe gun control works because it will stop mass shooting and the gun crime rate will drop. Other believe that gun control doesn’t work and that most mass shooting are in gun free zone. Where the people have been stripped of their rights and have nothing to protects themselves with. A popular argument from gun rights advocates it that if you make gun ownership a crime, then only criminals will have guns. This means only criminals would have guns, while law abiding people would at a disadvantage. Throughout history and not just in the US gun control has never worked and has only increase crime, law abiding citizens would be…

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