Does Globalization Contribute To Sustainable Prosperity Essay

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As an inhabitant of this world, we may be asked the question; “To what extent does globalization contribute to sustainable prosperity for all people.” This is a question that not many people can answer, while some will provide a vague definition of either globalization or sustainability that is off topic. This just shows how naïve we are to the world around us. As global citizens, I believe we should be more knowledgeable and have a broader understanding of events happening around the world. If people became more knowledgeable and understanding, they would see that there is more than meets the eye to these global issues, but more so that citizens would be able to help those in need and the environment stay sustainable for future generations. …show more content…
It’s not out of the norm in business companies to deceive and lie to their consumers to earn both their loyalty and trust. For these companies, keeping their stock prices up, or having money consistently flow is their main goal. To do this, they save money by using cheap labour and making low quality goods. Even in a fully developed nation, Wal-Mart still makes a statement. This company has no workers union, thus leading to their workers being paid minimum wage and having absolutely no health care benefits. Instead, the money that Wal-Mart saves goes to paying for 24-hour Anti-Union hotlines, Anti-Union camera packages for every store, undercover spy vans, and rapid response teams with a private corporate jet. In total this is about $7,100,000. I don’t think this is a very good way to spend the money, which could have gone to helping a workers family who needed those few extra dollars. This is not sustainable prosperity, this is just a waste. To this company, the money spent on preventing unions is money well spent, as long as they are consistently earning money. This perfectly shows how companies do not look ahead far enough into the future to see the effects of not providing a sustainable

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