Does Free Will Exist? Essay

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Does free will exist?
As humans came to enlightenment, the concept of free will concerned many philosophers’ thoughts, especially in philosophy of religion. Many came to question, whether humans have free will or they just do what needs to be done based on God’s plan. Therefore, many philosophers assume that the meaning of free will is the ability to choose to do something with one’s desire or to be free to choose. Moreover, people have different minds and different views about the idea of free will; some believe that it exists, and some don’t. For instance, Arminianism and Calvinism, two different forms of Christianity, have different views about the idea of free will. Arminianism is based on free will and Calvinism is based on predestination. I will argue that the idea of free will in the Arminianism belief is right because God does not decide who would get salvation and who would not, but people do themselves.
The article, “A Review Essay: Olson’s Arminian Theology” by Don Thorsen mentioned that Arminianism believes that Jesus died for all, and salvation is provided for everyone. God knows who would be saved from the beginning; however, He is not the one who determined it. God gives humans free will and they are free to choose or reject the salvation. Moreover, Arminianism considers that to choose good over evil is peoples’ choice. Arminianists also believe that God is in charge of everything, but He does not control everything in order to give humans self-determination.…

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