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Breast Feeding Vs Bottle Feeding Controversy
Jane Doe
CHFD 308
American Public University
Dr. John DoeBreast Feeding Vs Bottle Feeding Controversy
This essay is about the breast feeding vs bottle feeding controversy. Are you depriving your infant of nutrients they need if you chose to bottle feed? Will your child be unhealthy if you chose not to breast feed? Some women feel like breast feeding is always better, some women feel like bottle feeding is just the same. Breast feeding is usually always best when available; however bottle feeding is just as good these days.
The article Breast feeding Vs Bottle feeding was written by Lawrence Kutner, and it was published in 2008. The author does not seem to be more for or against either
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Commercial formula is one of the great equalizers (Kutner, 2008). Not only can formula be given to the child by the mother but also by the father and babysitter and so forth (Kutner, 2008). One of the best advantages of bottle feeding is that it gives the father the chance to feed the child (Kutner, 2008). The time spent feeding the child gives the father the feeling like they are a needed part of their child’s life from the very beginning (Kutner, 2008). Bottle feeding not only helps the father-child relationship but it also helps prevent feelings of jealousy or resentment (Kutner, 2008).
The author’s conclusion is that deciding not to breast feed does not make you a bad parent (Kutner, 2008). The mother’s body is hers and hers alone, and it is her choice whether or not breast feed (Kutner, 2008). The author states that with the commercial formulas these days no parent should feel like they are depriving their child of the nutrients he or she needs (Kutner, 2008). An average bottle fed baby will thrive just as well as a breast fed baby, so nutrients are not an issue (Kutner, 2008).
The article Breastfeeding vs. Formula Feeding was written by Joseph DiSanto and Karin DiSanto, and it was published in 2012. The authors are not for or against either breast or bottle feeding. The authors give all the advantages and disadvantages to both breast and bottle feeding. The authors state that the choice to breast feed or bottle feed is a very personal choice (DiSanto,

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