Dodge City National Education Association Essay

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Dodge City National Education Association I have been serving as the Dodge City High School building representative since 2011. My job is to attend monthly meetings and to report to teachers. In addition, I answer questions and help my colleagues with everything from contract issues to legislative questions. As a subscriber to “Under the Dome,” I often share KSDE news. I also create an annual contact list of Kansas Senators and Representatives to share with all teachers. Prior to voting on a new contract last year, I organized meetings with the area NEA representative. In addition, I oversee voting at the high school. This past August, the DCNEA hosted a new teacher lunch with guests including board members and superintendents. I helped set up, serve, and greet the new teachers and guests. In April, I will be heading to Topeka to serve as the DCNEA representative. My goal as a DCNEA representative is to work diligently to promote professional relationships with my fellow NEA members, administrators, and board members. I believe that we are all in the business of education and our goal is to do the best that we can for our students, stakeholders, and teachers.
Delta Kappa Gamma As a long standing member (10 years) of Delta Kappa Gamma (an international organization that promotes professionalism and excellence in education), I have served as the Theta Chapter President, Vice-President, Secretary, and I have chaired the devotional committee and the scholarship…

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