Do You Know What Pvc Pipe Is Made Out Of? Essay

1298 Words Dec 14th, 2016 6 Pages
Do you know what PVC pipe is made out of? Polyvinyl Chloride. A colorless and odorless plastic that is often connected to reproductive and developmental health issues. The same material your faucet water runs through. Despite this, it stands to be the world’s third most produced synthetic plastic. This material does not stand alone in being one of the least sustainable and most toxic chemicals. The International Living Future Institute has produced a ‘Red List’ that mentions 21 more materials that need to be avoided by every manufacture today. Manufactures are resistant on labeling their products with the ingredients, primarily because of the illnesses, pollution, and resource depletion they are often associated with. These materials can be found in beauty products, vinyl flooring, electronics, water bottles, and other products we are in contact with everyday. Manufactures need to look to more sustainable alternatives to these materials that are causing human health and environmental problems. That being said, in order to succeed in becoming a more sustainable, efficient, and overall biophilic world consumers need to partner with manufactures in this process. The only way to accomplish this is for manufactures to begin using only materials that can be recycled or repurposed. A products most negative impacts happen at the end of their lifetime, when they are being thrown away. One American wastes 1 million pounds of materials every year. According to a study done at the…

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