Do We Really Need Gmo? S? Essay examples

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Do We Really Need GMO’S?
Ever since the first GMO products entered the grocery stores in 1994, there has been a massive speculation that addresses the many different effects it brings to the table. The main focus of these debates is normally focused on if Americans should genetically modify food. Although 22 years have passed currently, In the modern day 75% of products found in local stores contain GMO’s . These products found in stores range from sodas to even vegetables. Many people have questioned this controversy and only a portion of those have brought it forth to a court of law. Due to its economical impact on many southern suburban populations, it has affected America in many ways. When it comes to the argument of the harmful effects that GMO 's instilled on humans, most people will readily agree that it has been shown as the source of many different diseases. Where this agreement usually ends, however, is the question of how the chemicals accomplish that. Whereas some are convinced that it provides beneficial nutritional values that they wouldn 't get if they didn 't eat GMO 's containing food , others maintain that is linked to not only birth defects, but also other deadly diseases like malformation, Cancer, Autism, Parkinson 's, and even Alzheimer 's. As suggested earlier, many defenders of GMO 's can not have it both ways. Their assertion that it helps the environment and helps save lives is contradicted by their claim that the chemicals are linked to many…

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