Alice Walker Everyday Use Summary

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Analyzes to Everyday use by Alice Walker The arts are essential in the growing of a society. Art is the expression of the soul. An oppress soul such as Alice Walker’s soul would express her suffer through the only media of art she knew writing. In her short stories and book Ms. Walker writes about her constant struggle as a Black girl and women in a former confederate state. She grew up in Georgia, she is the youngest of eight children. Walker’s family worked in a farm, her dad sharecropped for living while her mother worked as maid. Since Georgia was under Jim Crow law, segregation in education was common thing. The landlord of the Walker’s family expected to have Alice and her sibling sharecropping like their parents. Alice mother refused …show more content…
She is a controversial character. She represents the new cultural trend in American. Many African Americans wanted to quit their white-impose roots and re connect with their tribal roots from Africa. Dee or Wangeroo is usually criticized by the ways she act. She is labeled as selfish or arrogant. I personally believe she has suffer as much as Mama. Walker wrote this story in the late 60s, this was an age of change more black students start to attend college. Even though, segregation laws were lifted, many students suffer from discrimination. I don’t think Dee was except of the discrimination among black students. I usually compare Dee with John from Of the Coming of John by W.E.B. Du Bois, in the story John goes to the north to study. He experience first to hand segregation and racism. When he comes back to his hometown John’ experiences helped him to understand social and racial injustices in his community. Dee understand social and racial injustice because she had experience in her college years but the fact mama and Maggie still embrace that oppressive style of life instead of getting more involve in current affairs cause Dee to distant from them. . Dee understand her culture probably as much as Mama. However, Instead of living it she choose to admire as a reminder of the struggle of her ancestors. This why she want it to hang the Quilts her Grandmother instead of use

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