Why Do We Live In A Democratic Society

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Do we really live in a democratic society? If we don’t, how can we make us live in a democratic society?

Democracy came from two Greek words, “demos”, meaning people, and “kratos”, meaning rule or power. Combining the two terms, that gives us “people rule” or “people power”. In theory, this system of government gives ordinary people the power to influence and change the government. The first modern democratic system established in England, in 1689, 327 years ago. But in what way did democracy really progress? More and more countries are adapting democratic institutions, and almost every country now claims to be democratic, but in reality, how democratic did our world transform into, and what could authorities do to improve upon our current system?

Thomas Jefferson said “democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.” In other words, democracy progress when people are willing to make it better, and democracy regress when people are not willing to make it better. Jefferson, along with other early thinkers that invented representative
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Yet, as common sense tells us, no system is perfect and no system lives forever, and Jeffersonian democracy is no exception. Jefferson and other founding fathers, fearing a central government too powerful, established a complicated system of separation of power to limit the scope of government; that system included a legislative branch called Congress, an executive branch headed by an officer called the President, and a judicial branch with judicial powers vested in a supreme court. Separation of power brought several positive remarks on democracy—when a president is too powerful and abusing his power, Congress could impeach him, and when Congress is abusing its legislative powers, the Supreme Court has the power to override Congressional

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