Do Violent Video Games Contribute? Violent Youth Behavior? Essays

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Research Question: Do violent video games contribute to violent youth behavior?
As the media has been rapidly integrated into society, many inquiries have emerged that question its negative influence. The media is seen as very beneficial by those who are exposed to it because it provides hours of entertainment in many forms, the most prominent of which are movies, television programs, and video games. The latter is a somewhat recent favorite, and many studies have focused on the influence that it exerts on players. The first voices against video games, especially the violent ones, spoke out after it was revealed that the two high school boys who had killed students, teachers, and then themselves at Columbine High, an event which was followed by almost yearly school shootings in the United States, were avid video game players, or “gamers” (Brooke, 1999). The argument against violent video games is that they influence gamers to act aggressively, whether in little bursts or in a massacre. As children grow up, there is a possibility that they can retain the violent behavior that they learned during childhood and create a future society that is laced in violence. The violent media, such as violent video games, are a problem that need to be addressed, as they harm a child’s development. Children can become more aggressive and violent due to these violent video games, and this will be examine through lenses such as social, psychological, ethical, and gender roles.

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