Essay on Do The Benefits Of Reality Television Outweigh Its Costs?

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Do The Benefits of Reality Television Outweigh Its Costs?

In many first world countries, it is uncommon for a household to not own a TV. For many Americans, watching TV is their main form of entertainment. Every TV show that airs has millions of viewers. Among the sitcoms, crime shows, and game shows that air on television networks, reality TV is high in popularity. According to Newswise, reality TV shows are getting around 18 million viewers, and that was in 2003 (Newswise)! Because nearly everyone and their cat is watching television at this point, people are beginning to show concern towards what effects watching television may have on the individual and society. It is easy to dismiss the contents of a sitcom or a crime show as fiction, but what about reality television? Unlike soap operas and crime shows, reality television claims to show real people and their real lives. Because reality television hits closer to home, the messages shown in such TV shows may leave a greater impression on our minds. Due to the material shown in reality television, the impression left is often a negative one. Because of this, reality television should not be aired on television networks because it promotes negative behavior and places extreme importance on physical appearance.
Reality TV shows have grown in popularity over the years and although there are many different kinds of reality television shows (Survivor, The Amazing Race, Shark Tank, The Bachelor and other shows affiliated with…

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