Essay on Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night

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Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night is a poem by Dylan Thomas written for his dying father, David John Thomas. Death, life and anger are big components of this poem and the way it captures people. These three components remain the same no matter the way that people perceive it. The poem appears in two ways, one in which the informed see it, and two the way that people who don’t know about its background see it. It has continued to persuade both groups since 1951 (Olufemi) with its opening line,
"Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night,…"
The author starts off by becoming relatable by speaking on a very personal matter, death. Death is a very personal thing that each one of us has to go through and has seen or been around. You can 't go through life with out once thinking of death. Since this is a message directly meant for his father this shows another side to Thomas. This side is caring and hurt as he desperately tries to persuade his father into continuing to fight and struggle for life. It is a touching and sincere message that resonates with most people. Although Thomas can come across angry or desperate at times in the poem these are only logical emotions for one to feel toward death and are very fair feelings for him to have. These fair feelings only make the author more creditable. The creditability continues with this common concern, it is the main reason that people have continued to like this poem since it is was written. Everyone eventually has to deal with…

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