Dna Technology : Genetic Engineering Essay

839 Words May 19th, 2016 4 Pages
Genetic engineering is the process of modifying organism’s genetic makeup by artificial means by transferring specific traits or genes from one organism to another organism of different species. It involves the addition of new DNA by methods such as gene gun and microinjection, to improve the standard and quality of an organism. Ever since genetic engineering came to the attention of the world as an efficient technique to overcome several health and food related problems, great controversies have surrounded the subject. Some scientists are concerned that genetic engineering is akin to playing God that is humans are tampering with the natural process of evolution. This essay argues that genetic engineering does not allow tampering with evolution rather it is a novel and unique way of enhancing current biological systems by giving them additional abilities. It is an improved form of evolution and provides greater survivability in addition to improved quality of life. First of all, genetic engineering is just another approach to produce desirable or useful characteristics in existing organisms such as plants and animals and in some cases human beings. Proponents argue that genetic engineering provides many useful features such as better crop yields, more nutritious and flavored foods, and ability of crops to survive in undesirable conditions. There is also an expectation of developing resistance towards diseases in plants which would help in…

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