Dna From Strawberry Experiment

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Introduction DNA is called deoxyribonucleic acid. This contains a phosphate group, sugars, and a complementary base. DNA is found in plants and animal cells in the nucleus. The nucleus is the control center where DNA is replicated or produced within a cell. DNA also contains our genetic material. This is possible due to differences in individual’s phenotype and genotype. DNAs structure is double helical; meaning two strands are parallel to each other and in a ladder formation. This can occur through the phosphodiester bond between the two strands of DNA that are parallel to each other. DNA forms within complementary base pairing. This means that four nucleotides are composed in the helical DNA that contains the genetic material. These nucleotides …show more content…
We can conclude before conducting that a strawberry is a plant that contains a nucleus inside. However, is extracting the DNA produced inside the plant possible? The variables were all present in the experiment. The independent variable was the strawberries. The dependent variable was the amount of DNA that was extracted. Lastly, the controlled variables were the environment, mixing solution, and the types of materials. Through analysis and an understanding of DNA prior to the experiment, our hypothesis is if dish soap and other materials are mixed with strawberries, DNA will be observable. We know that DNA is found within plants and that DNA can be observable, regardless of how much DNA can be extracted. Thus, we can be able to observe some DNA that can be found within the strawberry when we use household …show more content…
The salt breaks up the protein chains that bind the nucleic acids. Ethanol allows the DNA to precipitate, making the DNA visible. The colder the ethanol, the less soluble the DNA will be. Strawberries are the essential fruit because they contain a lot of DNA. The procedure is very important in making the most DNA appear. The procedure was conducted in this order:
1. Place the strawberries in a plastic bag.
2. Smash the strawberries with your hands for 2 minutes, making sure not to break the plastic bag.
3. Add 10 mL of salt to the plastic bag.
4. Mush the strawberries for an additional minute.
5. Place a coffee filter over the funnel.
6. Pour the ethanol into the test tube.
7. Observe. Results The results showed that DNA was observable. The DNA was possible to extract through removing it from the substance. There were two layers of substance present in the test tube. We saw that the DNA was present on the top layer of the substance. We can conclude this because we physically removed the DNA from the other layer. This is possible due to the ability to separate each layer of the substance. We also saw that the DNA was slimy and very clear through observing. Thus, we can conclude and confirm that DNA was

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