DMotes SWOT And Strategy Evaluation Paper

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SWOT and Strategy Evaluation Paper
Del-Leda Y. Motes
March 23rd, 2015
Walter Sienkiewicz
SWOT and Strategy Evaluation Paper
For the last 20 years, a familiar feature of the American life has been the coffee house; every day over 60% of the American population stops for their favorite form of coffee beverage and can easily spend between three and five dollars a cup.
The B-Fifty Brew offers the public, quality Starbucks products at a reasonable prices all in the comfort of your home. The B-Fifty Brew is a new organization that is owned and operated by the Air Forces Non-Oppropriated Funds division, and has partnered with the mult-national coffee chain Starbucks and their “We Proudly Serve,” division. The B-Fifty Brew
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1. Depedent on coffee beans and dairy products, when those prices fluctuate so does the risk of increase prices, reduced profits, and loss of customers (Interbrand, 2013).
2. Any previously established drive thru can offer lower priced coffee and have the ability to change their menu more frequently.
Strategic Choice and Evaluation
Business today is extremely competitive, it is critical for businesses to stay ahead of trends and technology because of customer demands. Competition has forced businesses to project short-term and long-term objectives that will assist managers in attaining measurable goals.
Generic Strategy
The B-Fifty Brew and Starbucks both have developed a generic strategy based on the business attempts to gain a competitive advantage based on differentiation, low cost leadership and focusing.
Grand Strategy
The grand strategy for B-Fifty Brew currently is one of the strategic alliance. The B-Fifty Brew has obtained licensing agruments with Starbucks and their “We Produly Serve” Division. Some products have been provided by Starbucks, such as; coffee recipes, paper products, and specialized coffee machines. Both organization have the same objective; to provide a quality product and outstanding customer service
Recommendations for Improvement
For the future growth of B-Fifty Brew will mainly rely on maintaining close watch on the market competitors as well as other specialty coffee shops that may be located near by,

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