Case Study Of Starbucks

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1. How was Starbucks able to take a commodity product and successfully differentiate it to the point where customers would pay seemingly high prices to obtain it?

Starbucks is a popular retail which focuses on quality; its products are considered to be of high quality and value to consumers. Starbucks has used this to differentiate its products from that of competitors, the company also uses it to apply value-based pricing to its product and in return consumers pays for it. Therefore, the company has changed a commodity product to affordable luxury which is available by a growing number of prices incentive consumers. But this cannot be accomplished in one day. One way in which Starbucks used it to transform prices was by differentiating
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Moreover, this case demonstrates how brand value and situating can be affected by seemingly unrelated, non-marking choices. Starbucks tries to focus around brand positioning by giving Wi-Fi services, creating and selling its music and putting its emphasis on movies and books. That Starbucks' new-product initiative, from music to food, movies, and books impacted brand importance is obvious. The Starbucks story offers a varied evaluation of how brand value is manufactured and maintained. The organization's forceful development through organization-owned stores and licensees added a large number of clients, yet it additionally changed the nature of Starbucks' client base and disintegrated its position as a destination or Third …show more content…
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