Divorce Is A Family Affair Essay

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Divorce Divorce today has become a normality. It is a concept that has many implications for the people that are involved. In addition, the situation gets consequential with children are involved. Divorce is when a couple that are married makes the ultimate decision to terminate the marriage. There are numerous reasons that leads couples to divorce. Since this is normal in today’s time, divorce becomes more socially accepted. In addition, a biblical foundation in not the focal point of the marriage. Also, the people are becoming more educated on abusive relationships compared to previous times. Often people get married for the wrong reasons, and later find out that it is not like they expected. Consequently, in society today, divorce is extremely easy, and often it is encouraged to do so. Moreover, when children are involved in a marriage they are negatively affect by the transition of parents splitting. Furthermore, I recently read an article in The New York Times, title, “When Divorce Is a Family Affair. The article that is presented, is a debate between two prolific writes. Their names are Vicki Larson, and Beverly Willett. To add, it goes into great details on the topic of divorce. Ultimately, divorce is a selfish act by the parents. Children are the ones that is going to go through changes because of this. As a matter of fact, the children become torn between the two parents. In addition, the children are the ones who are taken out of their comfort…

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