How To Write An Essay On How Divorce Changed My Life

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Divorce is different for everyone. Parents have different situations, and kids are at different maturity levels. Divorces take different amounts of time, depending on the situation. Many kids handle situations very differently. My sister was 17, my brother was 15, and I was 8 when our parents got a divorce. We all handled it very different. Life changed that day, whether it made things better or worse, we still are unsure. It was the day after my 8th birthday, my whole family, except my mom and dad, went swimming at my aunts. It was a great day until my dad called my sister and told her to go check on our mom, they had just had a really big argument. Since I was only 8 they did not explain to me what was really going on. Later that day my other aunt, her daughter, my sister, and my mom picked me up and told me we were going to spend the night at my cousin’s new house. Only the night, turned into days, and days turned into months. Months I spent without seeing or talking to my dad and brother. I was very confused, still no one would tell me anything. After bugging my sister for weeks, she finally told me mom and dad had a real big fight. It was not long after that my mom and aunt gave my little details on what …show more content…
John Mark, and his girlfriend, Hope, started coming pretty regular. One day they visited me, John Mark sent me inside with Hope while he stayed outside to talk to me. Hope told me to pack some clothes and a few of my favorite toys. Words can not describe how happy I was. John Mark and Hope snuck me out that day, and I was finally going to see my dad. It was a big deal, and my mom threw a fit to have me back and my dad argued that he just wanted to see me. Within, two days I was back living with my mom again. On good days when I was lucky she would let me come stay the weekend with him. As a young child, I was suppose to be worried about barbies or other toys but all I cared about was being good so I could go see my

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