Divorce And Its Effect On The United States Essay

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Divorce has always been a controversial topic in society as it indicates the dissolution of a marriage union that is considered to be ordained and special by a higher power. Therefore, divorce is also a very personal and unique experience of the individual. According to the United States Census report the historical trend in divorce rates suggest the rate of divorce is the lowest since 2008 and has shown an overall declining trend since 1980’s when it peaked. In this report it will be established why divorce in general in undesirable and what are the historical causes for its widespread proliferation today. The effect of divorce is felt not just by the participants but by all connected family members.
The main cause of the increasing divorce rates in the United States is widely acknowledged to the signing of the change in the divorce law by President Ronald Regan which allowed couples to get divorced through a no-fault route in 1969 (Wilcox, 2009). His intention was to end the immense problems associated with fault based divorces which was the norm prior to this bill. Although this step at the time was not felt to be as powerful as it turned out to be in later years, it set a precedent for all the other states to follow suit and grant divorces without making couples assign blame or fabricate wrong doing. The result was the large scale proliferation of divorce cases across the country. Prior to 1965, divorce was considered as unnecessary and a last resort…

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