Diversity On Campus The First Generation Success Center Essay

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In response to a noted lack of diversity on campus the First Generation Success Center (FGSC) is to function as a support service for underrepresented student populations. The FGSC will offer underrepresented student populations the ability to make 30-minute appointments with on site counselors or meet with an express counselor for 15 minutes. The center will include study tables as well as on site computers, which students may use to print for up to 10 pages per day. The center hopes to create a mentorship program in the near future once it has gather rapport with students on campus in further assisting future underrepresented students on campus. In addition to some of the services already mention, the center will include academic/career related workshops tailored toward underrepresented student populations success in college. The overall purpose of this center is not only to provide a physical space that underrepresented students can find support but also develop the skills needed in succeeding on campus.
Ethical Principles
The purpose of higher education is that it fosters and produces the skills and knowledge for individual self-growth, drives innovation, and challenges societal norms (Corey, Corey & Callanan, 2011). For an individual student, higher education is seen as a place that cultural capital is obtained or challenge, in which students are able to reconstruct their identity in society (Corey et al. 2011). Self-growth for an individual is not only…

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