Diversity Is Not A Culture Of Its Own Essay examples

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What is diversity? The definition diversity is “showing a great deal of variety; very different.” To me, the American culture is made of diversity. “American” is not a culture of its own. “American” is a culture made up of a variety of other cultures. I have interviewed three people: a missionary who lived in Argentina for twenty-nine years, a first generation American, and a man who was in the military stationed in Germany for many years. I have asked each of my interviewees to answer this question: how do you feel about the possibility of having neighbors, friends, and co-workers who hold on to their native heritage rather than becoming “American?” The first person I interviewed lived in Argentina as a missionary for twenty-nine years. She told me that she has respect for neighbors and colleagues to protect their heritage and preserve it within their family. She also believes they should pass on many aspects of their heritage to their children, and she believes they should still continue to speak their native language within their family. However, she also believes it is important to make every effort to learn the traditions of the society in which they have moved to, such as learning the language, and becoming a contributing member in social, economic, and physical ways as citizens of the United States. “When we are willing to get to know people from other countries, and befriend them, it can be a blessing to them and a way to help them out. It is very hard to…

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