Diversity Is All Around Us Essay

854 Words Oct 18th, 2015 4 Pages
Diversity is all around us; any where we go, there are individuals who come from different backgrounds and have their own way of living and learning. Working in a school, we have to be expected to teach, learn, and converse with others who have different beliefs than us, looks, and/or lifestyles. As teachers we have to be prepared for anything such as those who are enculturated, assimilated, or acculturated (Coleman, 2013, p. 154). Students may differ not only from where they come from but also in behavior, learning style, motivation, etc. Before doing anything, it is crucial to be sure to know our students and where they come from and then from there, we can incorporate activities to be sure to benefit all students and their learning needs.
I was always aware of diversity in the classroom, but after reading more through our course textbook and online materials, I learned that there is a lot more that I needed to know in order to teach a diverse class. Every student learns differently no matter their race, knowledge, or culture. Teachers need to make sure to include strategies, activities and books that will benefit all the students in the classroom. I have had some experience with diversity in the past and especially this year. In the kindergarten class that I am working in, there are many students from African American and Indian backgrounds. There is also a student who has two mothers as parents and students who are adopted. One student who is now adopted was also part…

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