Diversity Influences From Mia Foster And The Levendary Cafe Essay

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In our part one analysis of cultural expectations, our group examined the diversity influences from Mia Foster and the Levendary Cafe U.S. perspective in comparison to Louis Chen and the Levendary China perspective, in addition, we determined other components not related to culture that had a potential impact on both present and future team member behaviors.
In response to part one’s question number one analyzing the Levendary Café study, we determined there were several key factors from the perspective of the United States and Chinese culture that impact the situation and the behaviors of both Mia Foster and Louis Chen. In the case study assignment, the Levendary Café team members are struggling with intercultural communications. From the reading our group determined, Mia Foster, Levendary CEO, and Louis Chen, President of Levendary China both have an interest in communicating well but fail to demonstrate an understanding of the key factors relating to their national culture.
“The U. S. was founded on the work ethic that good, honest, hard work is rewarded, and time is money with business conducted continuously.” (Roberts & Taylor, 1998-2012, para. 5) As the authors’ of our text conclude, “Americans are optimistic, believing they can accomplish just about anything, and they prefer a society that is both well-organized and secure.” (Moran, Abramson, & Moran, 2014, p. 545) From the case detail, Mia Foster “felt challenged by Wall Street’s skepticism” regarding her ability…

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