Diversity, Culture, Language, Age, And Diversity Essay

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Diversity is a complex term, but the simplest definition is differences amongst people. There are so many entities that fall under diversity, such as socioeconomic status, culture, language, age, etc. The main two types of diversity that I am going to discuss are linguistic and cultural diversity. These types of diversity are the focal diversities in an ESL classroom. In order to fully understand cultural and linguistic diversity, and how to approach the subjects of diversity, it is important to look at one’s experiences with it. My identity and experience have influenced my attitudes and beliefs on diversity.
I am a Chinese-American that has grown up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh is known for being a diverse city, but in the Pittsburgh suburban school district I grew up in, the population was a predominately white community. Growing up, I knew that I was different. Throughout my schooling career, I have been associated with multiple stereotypes. I have been called derogatory terms and asked stereotypical questions, such as if I am related to Jackie Chan or if I ate dog. People pretended they knew Chinese just by saying “ching chong”. I was a fairly quiet student. I was very introverted, but I think that made me very observant. What I mean by this is that I saw that people made fun of people that were different. I saw the injustice that people received when they were just walking down hallways. People just judge people from the outside and sometimes, they do not…

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