Essay on Diversity And Mixture That America

1247 Words Jul 15th, 2016 5 Pages
Writing about the United States of America is like having a vast white canvas in front of you and many different-colored crayons. You can basically draw anything you want on this canvas - with any color you can think of - and it would still apply in some way and would most certainly represent one or other side of America. Because the USA are versatile, diverse, multicolored, multicultural and vibrant. And these are the very features this great country prides itself on. This essay has the aim to explore this diversity and mixture that America represents in terms of its culture, values, nature, heritage and its contribution to the world’s history, values, science and art. In other words: this essay has the goal to point out some of America’s contributions to the world’s development as a whole. Of course one essay can never point out all the contributions in question– not even close – however it can still point out some of them – depending on the personal choice of the author, his interests, knowledge or taste. The main topics here will be some of USA’s contribution to modern culture, modern values, the world’s economy, politics and the current world order. It seems like everything has already been said and written about the United States of America. It’s a vast country with diverse population and landscape and an economic and military superpower. It has influential culture and an active society which is always looking for new ways to improve and to succeed. This…

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