Essay on Diversity And Inclusion And School Culture

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My two weeks of practicum experience were, frankly, not what I anticipated, and what I would even describe as a culture shock. However, my participation was overwhelmingly positive. For, I had many presumptions about what teaching looked like pragmatically in the classroom, but I was blown away by the many facets that I have learned about during my first stint as a student teacher. There are two overarching themes that were prominent during my practicum observations: diversity and inclusion and school culture. I will be referring to my placements as School A, an elementary school, and School B, a junior high, throughout my paper.
Diversity & Inclusion
The Alberta Teachers’ Association’s (2015) finding that “classrooms right now have more students, more diverse needs, with no support, time or money” (pg. 11) epitomizes my observations during my time at both of my placements. In fact, prior to my practicum, I had the perception that inclusion was a colossal objective on teacher’s shoulders. Later, when I observed inclusion in practice in the classroom, the many recommendations that were noted in the State of Inclusion in Alberta Schools suddenly made sense to me. It is important that I note that both school principals indicated that their schools are considered “high needs”.
At School A, there were eight students with individualized programs plans (IPP), out of the 25 total grade three students in the classroom. Therefore, the teacher had “to prepare and…

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