Diverse Succession Planning Essay

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“The future of many organizations is likely to depend on their mastery of diverse succession planning given that building bench strength among women and minorities will be critical in the competitive war for talent”. (Charles R. Greer and Meghna Virick, 2008.)
They stressed further: “Aside from the leadership provided by CEOs and diversity officers, management of diversity should be embraced by the entire leadership team and not perceived as the exclusive domain of the HR function.”
Cisco System becomes a $12 billion high-technology company with over 47,000 employees in not less than 54 countries of the world due to its strategic management policies and practices among which is diverse
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Companies commonly practice leadership replacement rather than leadership succession. Meanwhile, leadership positions are the key positions upon which rest the success of any organization. Western Companies are flourishing due to incorporation of diversity in to their succession planning.
However, in Universiti Utara Malaysia, there has been a kind of diversity succession planning. Some foreigners are being employed as Lecturers in the University. This is also observed in some Universities in Malaysia. This would provide meaningful developmental opportunities for both the organization and its employees as well. It will also give the university an opportunity to pursue more effectively its mission through the participation of a diverse workforce; also there would be enrichment of the dimensions of expanded organizational learning.
Observations of some experts in Management
An emerging body of empirical evidence (e.g., Richard, 2000; Wright, Ferris, Hiller, & Kroll, 1995) indicates positive performance effects for diversity, and there are increasing indicators of the strategic importance of diversity to the success of companies. PepsiCo’s previous CEO, Steve Reinemund, has said, “I believe that companies that figure out the diversity challenge first will clearly have a competitive advantage” (Terhune, 2005). A leading insurer, Allstate, also has

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