Diva Importance

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The word “Diva” is derived from an Italian noun which means goddess. A diva is a female singer who has a great artistic reputation and talent. The attitude and the image of that singer are the most qualities that are needed for the attainment of diva status. Also creating something new and getting the attention. In the Middle East we have several Divas such as Sabah, Fairouz and Oum Kalthoum.
Jeanette Georges Feghali the Lebanese singer and actress who is famously known as Sabah is considered one of the most important icons in Lebanese music history and one of the most well-known divas in the Middle East and Arab world. Born to a Christian family in the village of Bdadoun near Beirut in 1927. Her recognized nick name is inspired from the Arabic
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During her more than six-decade lengthy career she worked with lots of legendary Egyptian composers especially in a traditional Arabic form of music which made her kind of irregular from the other contemporaries in her age and one of the top singers and actresses in Lebanon and Egypt. She worked with the Egyptian composer Mohammed Abdel Wahhab, the Lebanese brothers Assi and Mansour Rahbani and the legendary Egyptian singer and actor Abdel Halim Hafez which helped her to gain more popularity to the …show more content…
She married nine times one of them was to the Egyptian actor Roshdi Abaza and also, she married the Lebanese author-director Wassim Tabbara. One of her husbands, the parliamentarian Joe Hamoud, reportedly divorced her in the 1970s after she scandalized Beirut society by performing in tiny shorts. Her last marriage, to the Lebanese dancer and artist Fadi Lubnan, lasted 17 years. There were other divas of her age married and divorced several times, but she was kind of different even in her marriages with her frank and repeated pronouncements about men and desire. She married when she was 18, according to the Lebanese government statement, her father physically abused her and tried to take her early movie earnings; her first marriage was to escape her father's control. In her last months, among rumors that she had died, Sabah was amused to discover that journalists were interested in the state of her health, according to Chady Maalouf: “She said, ‘Even in my death, I’m making people busy’.”

Tragedy also played a role in shaping Sabah’s fame. She suffered from many illnesses and there were some deep family troubles that she suffered from. Her brother killed her mother because he believed she was having an affair. She experienced financial difficulties and she was forced to sell her home in the early

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