Distribution Channel Questionnaire Essay

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Questions to Marketing Manager

1. What kind of a bulk breaking strategy is followed by Sony to reduce the cost to the end user? 3

2. What type of channel intensity is followed by Sony? 2.

3. What kind of strategy if followed by Sony in case immediate unforeseen delivery of products is required? 4

4. Sony prefers direct dealing and distribution to its customers or through dealers? 1.

5. Which is the most important parameter for Sony out of the following? 5
a.Reduced Waiting time
b.Choise to the consumer
c.Place utility
d.After Sale service support

6. Does your organization have any specific resource/working post to manage only channel flow for your organizations distribution network?
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24. What mode of transport do you prefer to deliver the goods to the customers/ dealers? 23

25. What strategy you follow when there is very high and low demand from the dealers or channel members? 24

26. What type of packaging/handling strategy do you use for your products to deliver safely to the dealers? 25

27. The domain of research more specifically the market research is done by the top management or the channel members also take active part in it? 26

28. Please tick the following factors which you feel that it could be the reason behind certain conflicts in your organization: 27
 Failure of channel members in the addition of augmented values.  Inability to make adequate financial investment and diversification of money.

 Insufficient space for proper stocking and prominent display of products.

 Inadequate facilities for demonstration, pleasant purchase environment, after sales services, and mobility.  Failure to meet sales target.

 Lack of required interest in the business and concentration only in premium products of the firm.

 Absence of proper sales promotion support and push efforts.

 Lack of process integration.  Reluctance in real time information sharing.

 inappropriate behavior for sales marketing people of the firm.

Any others reason(s):

Below questions need rephrasing

Have you ever felt as certain information must be shared with you by the company and the

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