Distracted Driving Bans Should Be Stronger Essay examples

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Distracted Driving Bans Need to Be Stronger
The phone rang from the other side of the room; I ran to the sound of it, thinking it was my mom calling to see how my first day of summer vacation was going. I was about to be a sophomore in high school. I picked up the home phone and said, “Hello?” Instantly when I heard the voice on the other end, my stomach dropped. Sweat began to build on my pale forehead. While on the phone, I ran into my older sister’s room to wake her from her nap. She was a typical senior in high school that slept all day. The woman on the other line told me “I need to speak to your mother, Michael has been in an accident while at work…” A phone call like the one I received that day leaves you in utter shock. No one should ever have to experience that gut wrenching feeling when you don’t know what is wrong. Unfortunately, nearly 330,000 injuries occur each year from accidents caused by distracted driving. (“Distracted Driving,” 2016). Meaning around 300,000 people receive terrible news, whether that be about a loved one or a friend. Distracted driving is frequently talked about due to the increase of consumers using cell phones behind the wheel. There are many activities people do behind the wheel that are considered distractions. Distracted driving is defined as, operating a motor vehicle while engaging in an activity that can potentially take the drivers attention off the road (“Distracted Driving,” 2016). Most can agree that distracted driving bans have…

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