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GENRE: The genre of Distant Waves is science fiction because it is something that didn't happen that has futuristic thing in it such as earthquake machines, time travel, and other advanced devices that we don't have today. It also gave scientific explanations for everything.

SETTING: The setting of Distant Waves is in many places. First, it is in Spirit Vale, New York. Next, the setting is in New York City, New York. And finally, the setting is on the Titanic.

MAIN CHARACTER: Jane- Jane is an inquisitive girl who believes some things around her without explanation and is defensive of her familyy and friends. A bit of a bookworm, Jane reads (excuse the pun) as a nice and determined young woman. Than-Thad is a
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(p. 317)
Mimi bursts into tears when she sees me. She is dressed in dry clothes but her wrinkled white wedding gown in draped over her arm. “I don't know what happened, Jane! I am so confused!”
These passages show that even though no one thought Mimi and Thad were alive, they were! What was thought to be impossible is suddenly now possible.

MAIN CONFLICT: In Distant Waves, Jane struggles against the world and those who inhabit it to reach her dreams and find true love, and battle against all odds and still succeed.
LAUNCHING INCIDENT: The whole morbid turn of events starts when Maud, Jane's mother, decides to pack up her whole family (four girls and herself) to move to Spirit Vale where she preforms medium services at the sake of her children not being around many others and lacking some social skills.
RISING ACTION 1: The first rising action is when Mimi discovers that the woman who she thought was her mother, the woman who had raised her, is not her real mother but the wife of her father, who had a love child with a Haitian women. She finds out that she is actually African.
RISING ACTION 2: Jane and Mimi travel to New York City in search of their futures and to find Niccola Telsa, a great inventor and scientist who was not as well know because he was scammed and blackmailed, and frowned upon by Thomas Edison.
RISING ACTION 3: The family, all accept for Maude, their mother, gets trapped on the Titanic while

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