Essay on Disobedience As A Psychological And Moral Problem

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Fancy Title In his 1963 essay, “Disobedience as a Psychological and Moral Problem,” philosopher Erich Fromm argues that disobedience to authority started human history and blind obedience may cause its destruction.
Fromm’s view on obedience to authority is that when we obey authority, even when it goes against our own reasoning and morals, then that obedience is cowardly and destructive while any act affirming individual will and autonomy is an act of freedom. Humanity could easily destroy itself and people wouldn’t think to question the order that did it. From justifies disobedience by using the Biblical example of Adam and Eve and the Greek legend of Prometheus. Fromm believes that human history would not exist if we had always obeyed. We have evolved through acts of disobedience, it made humans intellectually and spiritually independent. However, not all disobedience is a virtue. Anyone who only obeys is a slave, while those who only disobey are rebels; they do not act for their own principles. Rebellion is the same as obedience if it is unquestionably followed; people must have a logical thought process behind their actions. Fromm says that obedience is wrong when we go against our logical and moral beliefs by obeying. We should never obey as an act of submission, only as an act of affirmation to our own logic and beliefs.
Fromm believes that the first step towards independence and freedom is doubt. You can’t be free of thought and action if you are following someone…

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