Disney 's Film Is A Fantastic World For Them Essay

815 Words Dec 8th, 2016 4 Pages
Disney 's film is a fantastic world for them. Disney 's films are positive, upward and full of energy. Their story is simple, but at the same time it is profound. Disney gave people the greatest inspiration in the simplest way. These adults can then drop hi stories and movies to find themselves, and the original dream.For example; recent popular movie "Wild Animal" city of the protagonist, although it is only a small rabbit, but it is through their own strength and experienced numerous setbacks and failures, victory and respect in the face of strong opponents. A lot of people who have had the same experience in reality have seen this film, they have gained a lot of power and are full of power.This is the impact of Disney in the invisible. For the children, they are like a piece of paper, Disney gave them a lot of correct guidances. Snow white and the seven dwarfs, for example, tell the children to be honest and kind. Beauty and the beast taught them not to deny a man by the appearance of man. And Mulan 's story to make the children learn to be strong and brave.... Every film or story can let the children learn from the good quality, and guide them to the right growth.Disney let the children learn the warm feelings of the world, gently towards the world, like Disney 's story, it has experienced many setbacks and failures, as long as you stick to it can be harvested, have a perfect ending.It is the most important thing in their lives.Disney movie not only to…

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