Disney Memories: My Journey To Walt Disney World

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Disney World Memory My memory starts back on March 31, 2002. For my fourth birthday my family went to Walt Disney World, it being one of my all-time favorite places. Everytime we go there it’s a brand new experience and it makes me always want to go back for more. This memory is extra special to me because it is the first Disney vacation that I remember fully from the time we stepped on the plane at JFK to the time I got back to my house in Bethpage. On March 31st, my family boarded our flight at JFK International airport at 12 O’clock in the afternoon. Since this trip was for my fourth birthday on the flight I got to sit next to the window and watch as we took off. I thought it was so cool getting to see all the clouds in the sky. The …show more content…
Much to everyone’s surprise, including my own, I was tall enough to ride it so I was smiling from ear to ear after hearing that. After that, I went out to pick one of many of my birthday presents. I happened to pick out a Dumbo toy in the park, Epcot. Soon after that, we went back to the hotel and I begged my parents the whole way back to let me go off the Volcano slide at the hotel, because I wanted to be just like my brother and sister. No one wanted me to go off the slide because it was deep water and no one knew if I could swim or not. Luckily my parents said I could even though they were extremely nervous. Both my mom and my dad were standing in the water at a distance that the lifeguard said was alright just incase I needed help. Right before I went down the slide, I was so scared. Luckily I got over my fear and went down the slide. When I got to the bottom of the slide, I started to swim all alone with no help I had never done this before. That night, when we went up to the hotel room, there was a birthday card waiting for me from Snow White and I was so happy because I loved her. While we were there, the weather was surprisingly very warm during both the day and night, especially for early April in Florida, I remember almost every night being in the

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