Disney Case Study: Disney Company

Unit III Case Study (Disney Case)
Adeyemi Olatunji
Professor: Jon Crispin
Columbia Southern University
MBA 5501 Advanced Marketing
Date: December 1 2015

Disney Case Study
According to the description in case study, Disney Company is founded by brothers Walt Disney and Roy Disney in 1923 for the purpose of entertainment of entire family. When it was initiated it has just few characters with black n white pictures still people enjoy it. As Disney becomes the place of most of people’s happiness without consideration of age, even elder and old along with small kids loves the Disney animation and television show with most famous character of Mickey Mouse. Today various entertaining areas are theme parks, feature films, television
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Disney was initiated by Walt Disney in 1923. In 1937, animated film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, develop with sound and the first-ever full-length which has great success as cartoons. After that many more new characters included in cartoon animation which includes Pinocchio, nimbi, Cinderella, and Peter Pan. Disney strives to ensure that its consumer 's experiences "magic" by providing them with quality service and consistent amenity upgrades, including new products and packages. It becomes happiest place on earth. From 1970s Disney concentrated on customers comprising of children, families and adults. Disney has remained high entertainment quality based on continuing to introduce the norm of entertainment during the 20th century to bring classic and memorable family entertainment over the world (The Walt Disney Company, 2013). Today, Disney is comprised of five business segments:
i. The Walt Disney Studios which specializes to creates films, recording labels, and theatrical performances. ii. Parks and Resorts which focuses on 11 theme parks, cruise lines, and other travel related assets. iii. Disney Consumer Products which specialize to sell all Disney branded
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to all over world. Disney’s CEO Bob Iger said Disney as a brand that people seek out and trust, it opens doors to new platforms and markets, and hence to new consumers. It is also a challenge for Disney to remain its 90 year old brand and continue developing with his legacy and core brand values. To solve this problem, Disney finds out many ways to keep loyal customers and expand its brand, such as concentrating on the Disney Different products like DVDs, box office movie, games, performances and concerts around the world, and other products (Russell,

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