Disha Software And Software Ltd Case Study

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Disha software and hardware Ltd. has recently certified the production of arduino software and hardware. The main aim of the company that it has to produce 10000 of arduino and program them in way that they work as ultrasonic sensor. The team is divided into two major parts, one for hardware design and production and other for software production for the project. There is certain time limit in which project has to be completed and to handed to the clients. This project will result the production of new gadget providing the meet of the clients. It will improve the relation status of the company and the client which will provide more bright future of the company.
Disha software and hardware Ltd. is the leading name in
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Supervisor of the teams will give the progress report to the manager throughout the duration of the project. The project manager is responsible for all performance of each project resource.

The scope of the Disha hardware and software limited includes all important features like design, planning, testing, and many more. Both software and hardware and complete device will meet the requirements and standards of the clients. Scope of whole project contains completion all the documentation details. Completion of project will take place when the software and hardware are completely designed and fully tested. MILESTONE LIST
The chart given below shows the milestone of this project. It shows the description and the dates of the milestones that should be completed on the given date. If any delay takes place then which can affect the milestone list then project manager will be informed immediately. Any changes will be approved by the project manager and will communicate to the project team.
Milestone Description

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