Disgrace By John Maxwell Coetzee Essay

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The novel by John Maxwell Coetzee, Disgrace, was first published in 1999. Takes place in South Africa, and it is placed precisely in the process of change towards the "new South Africa"; process that marks the end of apartheid, the white hegemony, white monopoly on legitimate violence. Disgrace, is well located in the turning point of a social organization that falls apart on their weight, losing their original nature to move to a new state of affairs.
Disgrace, relates the life of David Lurie, a white university professor, dispassionate; his work as a teacher does not motivate him, he does not get stand out as a writer, and he has come to a point where the only thing that fills him is sex. David has an affair with his student Melanie Isaacs, causing the first disgrace of the protagonist. At first we think this is the cause of the “disgrace” announced in the title, because they accuse him of sexual harassment, he lose his job and his source of income, and because they publicly humiliated him, forcing him to leave his life in Cape Town; but as we read we realize that this is not true. Once David leave Cape Town and go to the countryside to live with his daughter, there appear new and "worst" disgraces: the theft, rape of his daughter, and the attempt to burn him, compounded by insurmountable cultural, ideological and generational distance between him and his daughter Lucy Lurie.
The South African countryside, at that time was beginning to be inhabited by blacks…

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