John Proctor: A Tragic Hero

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Some may say John Proctor is a type of tragic hero but to me he is not. John is a stupid man for not taking the chance to save not only himself but his wife and unborn child.But he didn’t he decided he wanted to try and be a hero and end up getting killed with the same people he try to save. I don’t think John Proctor is a tragic hero but a dumb one.
John had one down fall but i don’t make anyone a tragio. A hero is someone who puts other people life before his own. I don’t feel john did that, He put his own selfish reasons before everyone else even his unborn child's. The courts overlooked his confession about adultery. They was going to have mercy on John and his wife. His wife being the good wife she was even lied to the courts the for him, trying to help him keep his good name and how do he repay her by letting her die. I think the only reason John didn’t want to take his wife home and be free was not because
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He cared so much about his name and put his name over not only his life but others. What kind of hero does that? Superman didn't, neither did spider man and they’re heros to me. The only thing that john did that could have people actually believing he could be a hero is by the work he did around town. The way he treated people with respect, not sayings he may not have to do something for the good but his actions just didn't show this brave hero who picked his life over an lie.
John did believe in God and when he said ‘’God is dead’’ he was just going off emotion of the moment that understandable but after that the courts gave John answer choice to live with his wife but again he wouldn’t take it because of his pride and for that i don't think he a tragic hero he a dumb want to be hero. He wanted people to see him a greatly goody man and not for what he really was a big crawler who can’t control his emotions and a man who cheated on his wife and falled in love with a

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