Essay on Discussion On The Nature Of Creativity

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Starting in early November, and continuing through the end of the Fall semester, students enrolled in Lynchburg College’s Senior Symposium course were tasked with thinking critically and writing about the nature of creativity. For four, regrettably nonconsecutive, weeks students were asked to both read texts, in the form of philosophical prose and poetry, and to attend lectures which dealt with the concept creativity. These lectures were presented by professionals who truly understood the elements of the creative process. These men (all of the Senior Symposium lecturers this semester were men apart from the one female Ted Talk presenter) all had very different occupations and each of these occupations required a different relationship with the creative process. In this section, it became increasingly apparent how large of a topic “creativity” was, and trying to codify it into some sort of palatable ideology seemed trying for many students, especially when it came to choosing which form or medium of art should rightfully claim the title of “best”. It also became apparent the every artistic medium and form comes with its own physical realities that dictate the way an artistic work exists in the world. In the first two weekly discussions, many students half-heartedly tried to claim one artistic practice’s or medium’s superiority over all others due to very specific situational reasons, much in the same way Leonardo da Vinci (2005) did on pages 494 and 495 in the book of…

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