Essay on Discussion Of Other Achievements Of Academic Research

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5. Discussion of other achievements in academic research

1. My main research interest, which I continued for a number of years, was in the phenomenon of gnosis in the contemporary times and concerned the area of literature and culture. I attempted to explain the paradigm of gnosis and the reason for its functioning in the modern and post-modern world. The first step towards understanding „the issue of gnosis" was my master’s dissertation, titled Gnostic motifs and threads in the contemporary New Testament apocrypha. "According to Judas" a novel by Henryk Panas and „The Gospel According to Jesus Christ" by José Saramago. In this work, I raised a number of issues starting from the Semitic customs depicted by both contemporary writers, through purely literary questions and the poetics of modern apocrypha in reference to the apocryphal tradition, and finally, the main topic – gnostic motifs and threads. This was my first encounter with gnosis in the world of literature, therefore I concluded by collecting and describing the compositional units that are motifs and threads. Generally, I was intrigued by such an accumulation of the elements of gnosis dating back to antique tradition. I emphasized and described these gnostic motifs and threads occurring in one of the analysed novels in the article: Creator, Jesus and Devil by José Saramago. The Nobel Prize winner and gnosis (1999; 5). [Precise bibliographic data of the discussed publications are in „List of published scientific…

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