Discriminatory Behaviors And Their Impacts Essay

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Discriminatory Behaviors and Their Impacts

There are many different reasons for people to display discriminatory behaviors and those behaviors can affect the life and the wellbeing of others. In life, people have different beliefs and thoughts, so the acts of discrimination can occur anywhere in this society, at work, in school, or even in families in some cases. Education, gender, race, and religion are common reasons for people to discriminate against each other. As a result, these stigmatized behaviors affected the way people behave toward each other which sometimes lead to ignorance and division of social status. One of the reasons for people to show discriminatory behaviors toward others is education differences. There are people with different levels of education in this society, and most of the time people who received lower levels of education got discriminated. At work, these workers are often occupants of a lower job position, sometimes they aren’t respected or even reprimanded by co-worker that have higher education. Even if people with lower education produce excellent outcomes at work, it’s challenging for them to achieve a higher position. For instance Sonia Sotomayor’s mother, Celina Sotomayor in My Beloved World, was a practical nurse at Prospect Hospital and she had been doing the job of a registered nurse for years. However, her paychecks were still at practical nurse’s level. That is the act of discrimination of Prospect Hospital toward Celina…

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