Essay about Discrimination: Veterans in the Workplace

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Discrimination: Veterans in the Workplace xxxxxxxxxxx National University
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23 December 2013

Discrimination against veterans and those who serve in the reserve forces of the United States is prevalent and is attempted often for veterans returning from war, deployments, and training. Discrimination can also be found in the hiring of veterans and family members of veterans. Seven signs of discrimination against veterans in
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The Supreme Court ruled that the hospital discharged him because of his military obligations in violation of the USERRA and ruled in Staub’s favor. (Moran, 2013, p. 172) The third sign, the employer takes away accrued vacation time. Under the USERRA’s protection, an employee that accrues vacation time while servicing on active duty is entitled to receive that time as if they had been there. (Ballman, 2012) The fourth sign as reported by Donna Ballman is co-workers or bosses harass the veteran. “Sometimes, co-workers or supervisors harass returning service members due to their military service”(Ballman, 2012). The Veterans Opportunity to Work (VOW) to Hire Heros Act of 2011, was signed by President Obama which made harassment of service members illegal (Ballman, 2012). As detailed by the Department of Labor, veterans have a right to work in free of discrimination in the workplace. Veterans are protected against termination, harassment, demotion, or being paid less because of their veteran status. (Dept of Labor, 2013) The fifth sign is an employer will not hire a veteran due to his or his disability. As indicated earlier in this paper, the Veterans Affairs has awarded over 670,000 service members disability and over 100,000

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