Discrimination In Race And Crime

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Race and Crime



Race and Crime When we talk about the crimes in America, it has a close and direct relationship with racism, Arab Muslims and African American people to be more specific. An observation says that out of every three African American people, one is expected to go to the prison in his life time. Almost same is the case going on with Arabs, after the September 2011 attacks on the twin towers of America. It raises a serious question. What is the reason of so many African American people involved in the crimes in the Unites States of America, or Arab Muslims accused of the criminal activities? The answer to this question is that there has been a long history of injustice and inequality done to
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There are certain groups of people who are working at their own level to create the harmony between the two extreme groups. One factor which keeps the conflict alive is the media and the portrayal of Arab people as criminals. The people presented as criminals in the movies and TV shows, are mostly having a beard and are shown to be an Arab Muslim. This trend keeps the mentality alive that it is always an Arab person who is likely to have committed the crime, which is not helping the national and international cause of eliminating racism from the world. It is not a matter of one country or society but has become an issue of vast scope. It is not the case that the main focus is only on the Arab and African American people. In fact other racial issues also exist in the country and worldwide. For example, the Mexicans, Portuguese and people of Philippines are also other minorities having same kind of problems. Another group of people who have also been targeted are Arabs. This is the result of the 9/11 catastrophe America witnessed, after which the Police and the law enforcement agencies are eying the Arabs as well, and there have been many incidents of it, where they have been victimized of the racism. (Antonopoulos & Winterdyk, …show more content…
The reason is that whenever there is race involved, it is like a synonym to injustice. Injustice is also the basic and mandatory root cause of any crime, in this way wherever there is racial thoughts, practices and instincts involved, crime has to be there in one way or another, immediately or after some time. For the solution of the problem, there needs to be constant monitoring of the formulated policies and their implementations to make the atmosphere free of the racial discrimination and other relate kinds of differences which can offend any group of people in the society.

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