Discrimination And Racism In President Obama's Race Speech

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In president Obama’s Race speech in 2008, Obama tackles the issue of race and discrimination in the American life and politics. Obama’s speech highlighted historical subjects and segregation along with stories that involved discrimination, racism and prejudice in American’s everyday life. In the beginning of Obama’s speech, Obama addressed how the American founding father George Washington created the Constitution with the idea that all men are equal; however, the nation didn’t carry out that idea. Obama stated in his speech that the nation is stained with the sin of slavery which goes against the constitution and the idea that all men are equal. President Obama implied that throughout American’s history, women and men of different colored skin tone had been fighting for their rights to be equal with one another especially with the “white people”. …show more content…
President Obama implied that racism and discrimination is a challenge that the citizens cannot solve by themselves, it’s a challenge that called for a join force between the president and the citizens to solve together instead of solving the challenge individual. Obama embodies the American dream by implied his unique and diverse background of his (Obama) parents, wife, and grandparents along with his (Obama) life. By doing so the audiences can imply that Obama bring forth an entirely unique perspective on the racism and discrimination issue. Obama illustrated that together the president and the citizens can bring the nation to success along with improving health care, jobs, education and etc. that the past generation had fought

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