Racial Discrimination Speeches

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I have recently completed reading a novel titled “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee. This classic book is based way back in the 1930s and is very much about the topic of racism and how the whites thought African- Americans were “disgusting” or “different.” Since these times people of today like to believe race discrimination has come a long way, but has it? The answer is no. We have all heard the chatter about how racism has been demolished or how it is a thing of the past. It is not in the past. Sadly prejudice is not some “thing” that has been left in the 1930s, It is still very alive and well today in the year 2015. Eighty five long years later this ongoing issue has not been solved. The following information I will be providing to you …show more content…
Racial issues go as far as the workplace even. It is known that college graduates that are black are twice as likely to have struggles finding a career. For decades now the jobless rate is doubled for blacks compared to white people. There has even been a study that has shown people whose names “sound black” have to send out fifty percent more resumes than those with “white sounding” ones. If this isn’t enough it reaches our schools as well. “Once you get to K-12, black children are three times more likely to get suspended than white children.” (Nesbit 2) A whole 40 percent of school expulsions are made up of black children. Also, two thirds of the children schools refer to the police are another race other than white, such as blacks and Hispanics. Even if you thought you were safe outside the workplace or schools you’re wrong. Racism is everywhere, especially on our streets. For instance if you take the New Jersey turnpike into consideration blacks only make up 15 percent of all drivers yet, they make up 73 percent of arrests. Another example is that in New York City you are three times as likely to be stopped and frisked if you are African-American than if you are white. With all of these statistics I believe racism is still damaging the lives of many innocent people. Also these facts disproves the belief prejudice is dead or forgotten. (Nesbit

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