Racism Vs Obama

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Assignment I

On a television presentation, Tim pointed out that racism is the reason why people opposes president Obama’s health care reform. However, many people emailed him, arguing that rejecting health care reform has nothing to do with racism.

Tim argued that although many people claimed they don’t appreciate segregation; they are still envisioned in a white republic when they talk about “take their country back”. Unfortunately, a criminal cannot be deemed as a perfectly good man if he also did good deeds. Similarly, it is ridiculous to separate segregation from the “old days” because slavery, extirpation and segregation are part of American history.

Many who emailed Tim resisted “government dependence.” In Tim’s point of will, such
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Tim believes that most white people who resist the health care reform or other proposals related to Obama because they are living in a “white nostalgia” and refuse to embrace the new world in which people of different races are also eligible for rights and welfare.

Assignment II
In Tim’s opinion, racism is the key reason for the debate over Obama’s health care reform. Many whites miss the bygone days when they enjoy absolute social privilege. Obama’s health care reform, which obviously sacrifice the advantages of the rich to help people with low income is obviously unacceptable to them.

Personally speaking, racism is only part of the problem. The true problem lies in the ingrained disparity between people from different classes. Some people resist helping the poor. In the eyes of those who are sensitive to “racism”. Blacks are regarded as “the poor”. Helping the poor definitely triggers the nerve of racists, especially when such a reform is initiated by Obama, the first black president. As a result, it’s not surprising to see that some people acted very vindictively towards the blacks and the new
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They always bring up the world “racism” and reiterate that they do not meant to be racists because they refuse to accept that prejudices and unfairness still exists. Consequently, they tried to filter the ideal stories out of the grand history of the united states as if the dark times could be bleached and the new world is pure and clean. As Tim pointed out, it is impossible to separate racism from American history. Additionally, it is impossible to believe that people’s resentment against Obamacare is not related to their indifference against the poor, their anxiety to share their world with the

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