Discrimination Against Women 's Discrimination Essay

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Discrimination Against Women in the US
What is discrimination? Discrimination is the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different groups of people based on race, age, sex, or many other categories. Many different groups of people face discrimination in the United States. Women have always faced the most discrimination in America. Some places they are discriminated against are in the workplace, in the different branches of the military, and in society. Discrimination against women is not limited to foreign countries, it happens here too. Women in America have come a very long way, but they still have a ways to go. Although there are many laws and regulations to protect women in the US, discrimination still happens every day. In order for our country to be equal for all, women must be treated equivalently to men.
There are many laws to protect women in the workplace, but they aren’t all enforced, as they should be. The first law, the Equal Pay Act, was established in 1963. It prohibits discrimination against any groups, including women. A more recently enacted law regarding discrimination in the workplace is the Lily Ledbetter Act of 2009. This law prohibits the unequally treatment of women and older workers. The FMLA or Family Medical Leave Act protect people who need time off to receive medical care or provide care for an immediate family member. This applies more so to women whenever they need time off for maternity leave. Women are also generally the primary…

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