Discrimination Against Veterans Essay

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Bringing awareness of the social inequality and persecution of discrimination against veterans is imperative in modern America to lend a hand so people thrive and have a successful life. Many middle aged people, with families, work very diligently to sustain enough money, however, it is very difficult to reach that level. In the American society, teenagers are impacted by the news and conflicts around them, authors have an influence on the reader 's mind through their writing, and various genres of literature can be used as a helpful tool in changing society’s views of acceptance.
First and foremost, in the beginning of this year, there were about 220,000 Iraq and Afghanistan veterans that did not have a job. Before then, an estimated, 185,000 people, were without a source of income. With this alarming rate, more and more veterans become jobless as the days go on. Many companies see veterans as useful for their hard work and discipline, nevertheless, they continue to turn down their applications. “When Douan eagerly signed up for the
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Since he was denied a safe shelter, he unfortunately passed away fromt the cold weather. Looking for a job is becoming a backbreaker for many ex-military officers coming home from the battlefield. Our troops are facing discrimination from employers for their connections with the military. To add information, they are not taking the time to analyze veterans and their capabilities in the working field. While employers hire US Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, etc. veterans, they worry about them being called back into action, even when they are sure they will not be. The veterans are infuriated with how they are seen by many employers. “Many employers worry that by hiring a veteran, they may end up being short-staffed if the military reverses course and calls up former service members” ( Katherine Reynolds

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